Golden and silver cat

Matings of golden with silver cats

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Matings of golden with silver cats

Dear members, dear judges,

constantly golden and silver cats are seen on WCF shows with severe color defaults, mainly at the British Shorthair in golden. In the meantime, serious color faults such as no nose or eye surroundings or wrong colors on the paws were also found in silver cats.

The WCF Board has therefore decided the following:

To protect breeders and cats, matings between golden and silver cats are forbidden from April 1st, 2020 until further genetic researchs have been carried out to determine which gene it is and ensure that this gene, in addition to the color faults, cannot cause any other genetic defects in offsprings.

Offsprings with the characteristics described above, which have fallen in these matings, can only receive a RIEX pedigree with the EMS color code “x” due to this non-recognized color.

The pedigree must also be marked with “Not for breeding”, so please inform your breeders and your trainee clubs that these cats may not be sold for breeding before the genetic tests have been completed.

Cats with the above-mentioned color fault may only be exhibited with EMS colorcode “x” in the show class 24 – unrecognized colors / breeds – and may therefore not receive a title or participate in the Best in Show.

If these cats are registered in the wrong color and presented to the judge for assessment, they have to be rewritten by the judge to class 24. Likewise, no title may be awarded.

Cats with these color faults can only participate in the Variety Ring.

The Board